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What You Have To Know About Ferret Breeding

If you are interested in ferret breeding, you have probably read a lot about it and you must already know by now that it is a challenging task.  However, if you really want to do it despite all of the hard work involved, then you can go on and proceed.  The first thing that you [...]

Things You Have to Know About Wild Ferrets

Ferrets come from the Mustelidae family and thus they are related to badgers, skunks, and otters.  Their scientific name is Mustela Furo, a Latin name which originally means domesticated ferrets.  Black-footed ferret, a wild ferret is also known as Mustela nigripes. So where can ferrets be found? The black footed ferret commonly lives in the [...]

Tips on How to Deal With Your Ferret’s Smell

Yes, ferrets are truly adorable, energetic and happy creatures.  Your home has become very much alive ever since the day they came in.  Yet, there is something about ferrets that is not so adorable, their smell.  Ferrets usually smell in the course of time, which can really be a problem for you and those around [...]

The Proper Ferret Care and Feeding Essentials for Your Pet

Ferrets are truly delightful creatures, they can provide their owners enjoyment and happiness.  However, just like any other pets, they should be given special ferret care and feeding too, in order to live healthy and actively.  You also have to provide them the best diet, nutrition, training, grooming and comfortable living place.  Thus proper ferret [...]

Proper Ferret Care for Kids

If you bought a beautiful pet ferret for your kids, the very first thing that you have to do is to take it to the veterinary clinic to determine if he is in good health or not.  Once your veterinarian assures you that the ferret is healthy you will be advised to get him all [...]